#sharkweek is coming. Rockin #sharkattack #naildecals over @flossgloss wet with an oh so appropriate #sushi #midiring

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Late night mani with these so new  #sharkattack #naildecals and the obvious color choice: @flossgloss wet
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It’s time for a FEEDING FRENZY! (Get it? Because there’s sharks. And food. Get it?)
Two so new decal sets are coming to the shop - Shark Attack and Snack Attack - as well as three brand new rings. While everything is restocked and brand new items are put into place, we’re having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale, so stock up on your faves, grab something from your wish list, or chomp down on some of this new newness! Sale ends August 1st, same day everything will ship!

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Enjoying a perfect summer day on my back porch. Rings from the boardwalk collection at janestinythings.etsy.com 🌴🌳🌺 (at janestinythings.etsy.com)
Polish love set, framed and shipped for $25. This would be perfect for your salon (or wherever you do nail art) just sayin 😉 Interested? Leave a comment below or email thatjanedesigns@gmail.com
Next set up for $20: Scott pilgrim! Comment below or email thatjanedesigns@gmail.com to snag this one for yourself!

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Just some new foods I’m working on. Anything look yummy? Anything else you want to see?
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One last dinner with the company, a gold watch, and endless free time to rv across the country: that’s what these bad boys are getting. Get it? Because they’re being retired! Get ‘em while the gettin’s good, because when they’re gone, they won’t be coming back! All 60% off at janestinythings.etsy.com!
Decals: party time, pattern play, tools of the trade, farm to table, very superstitious, and game night
Rings: Oreo, bacon, fried egg, chocolate donut, and The Lord of the rings book set 
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One of most favorite, signature sets, inspired by my husband the cook 😍🍗🍔🍝(that means I love food… I also love my husband, but I mostly love food)
Put this mouth-watering set on your wall for $20 to cover shipping and the frame! Comment or email thatjanedesigns@gmail.com if you’re interested!
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